JETAA is made up of Chapters around the world. To find your local chapter and links to their websites, click HERE.

For those who get involved in the running of a chapter we all know that it can be challenging at times, but it is very rewarding. There are many chapters around the world and the accumulative experience of running successful events, activities and initiatives is vast.

Here are just some resources that can help you get started in organising a new or different event, keep your paperwork up to scratch or just lend some ideas for what other chapters around the world have been doing:


Pre-departure orientation Welcome Back Event
Regional/International Meeting Japanese Cultural Events
Japanese Conversation Events Japanese Cookery Events
Japanese Festivals Japanese Language Events
Community Events


Running an essay contest Photo competition
New logo competition
New Logo and Newsletter
Teaching Resources: Sensei.tional Japan
2009 High School NCEA Japanese Workshop – JETAA Auckland
Newsletter Database Promotional Material
Happi Coats


Setting up a new chapter: 2009 Inaugural Party – JETAA Singapore Grant in Aid applications
Using a Yahoo Group Amalgamating Chapters/Sub chapters
Guidelines for Country Representatives Chapter Reorganisation

Website Resources

Adding Content on the website Membership Logo on Chapter Site